About Vanessa

Meet Vanessa Gobes, New Englander and avid fan of lists. Here are the basics:

  1. Bu-curious 30-something
  2. meditator and peace educator
  3. dog lover
  4. Jane of all trades
  5. aspiring author (ninja ninja ninja)
  6. 9 life pather
  7. lover of chocolate-dipped anything
  8. country line dancer
  9. recovering clothes horse

I’m spiritually awake but incredibly ordinary, and I’m trying really hard to figure out how to make those two ideas work together here in suburban New England.  So I use my mindfulness and meditation practices to filter experiences through acceptance. And I do my best to help my kids do the same.

My intention here on BUBs is to share the things that work in hopes of doing my part to create a more peaceful planet, one family at a time.

A lifelong New Englander, meditation teacher/peace educator (www.vanessagobes.com), occasional newspaper columnist, and mother of four (five if you count my husband ;-) ), I have an exquisite understanding of the complexities of families and offer gentle guidance to parents and children through the lens of a dedicated meditator.  I’m writing my way to awakening with humor and honesty and invite you along for the ride.

Please enjoy this blog and share freely.  I’ve been home with my kids for a long time and I’m trying to rub two sticks together and spark a career, so your shares, tweets, tumbles, and pins are deeply appreciated.  If you’d like to read more of my work visit Everything Old is New Age Again, a place to learn about the new age movement and all its divine weirdness.  My writing is also published in print with The Winchester Star and online at Intent.com, Break the Norms  and Letters to a Nichiren Buddhist.  I plan to publish a series of meditation books for children very soon.  :-D

From mine to yours,

Vanessa Gobes