by vanessagobes


During the winter of 1985 in a monastery high in the Indian Himalayas the following experiment was conducted by a team of scientists, led by Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at the Harvard Medical School:

A group of scantily clad Tibetan monks were sitting in quiet meditation. Sheets soaked in cold water were draped, still dripping, around their shoulders by a fellow monk. The bodies of the monks, instead of cooling down, were starting to heat up and soon steam was rising from the wet sheets; within an hour the sheets were dry. This process was repeated two more times.

An array of medical equipment that was attached to the monks during the experiment yielded interesting results. The monks managed to raise their body temperature with up to 9.4°C, while lowering their metabolism by more than 60%.

What makes this specific experiment even more amazing is revealed only when one considers that…

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