please don’t click the “like” button unless…

by vanessagobes

you are actually going to READ this post.

Each of us bloggers writes with passion, hoping that folks will find our stories and identify with our experiences.  The feeling of connectedness and acceptance that results is awesome.  That “like” button is one of the zillions of reasons why we love the internet.

I use the “like” button when I see a picture that intrigues me (like on this guy’s blog) or when I read something that touches me (like on this lady’s blog).  I hope that everyone who “likes” my blog is ACTUALLY READING my material.  After all, I’m not posting stories for a virtual ego-boost.  I’m posting because I care about this planet and the people on it.  And I have a gift of compassion and transparency that I am happy to share through writing.

So this is my plea to bloggers who are “liking” pages just to drive more readers to your own page:  This is not a one-way street.  Please READ what you “like”.  Better yet, prove you were there by LEAVING A THOUGHTFUL COMMENT.

From mine to yours,