life according to monopoly

by vanessagobes


The family was playing a hot game of Monopoly Tuesday night. At one point during the game, we stopped to assess the board.  My youngest was in jail, where he had spent the growing majority of his turns.  He hadn’t passed GO in about 8 rolls.  My middle daughter was banker, maintaining complete control of money, properties and building projects.  The number one requirement for her job seemed to be fuzzy math.  My oldest sat back and sniffed her putty colored hundreds while building hotels from Mediterranean to Connecticut Avenue.  A slum lord in the making.

I couldn’t help but look at this scenario and laugh about it in relation to my month’s spiritual work – acceptance of life as it is, the gentle guidance of my children toward peace and collaboration, the release of bearing the burden of their shortcomings and mistakes.  In 30 years, if my kids are incarcerated, corrupt and amoral, I’m going to blame it on Monopoly.

From mine to yours,