Bedtime Meditation for Children

by vanessagobes

My daughter is terrified of the dark.  I think it’s only natural that children are afraid.  Our souls come from a place of pure light.  When we are born on Earth and we experience the delusion of darkness for the first time as new human beings, it must feel very foreign and scary.  It doesn’t surprise me that most people feel vulnerable when the lights go out.  Darkness is unnatural because our source is one of beautiful, constant light.

I try my best to squash this fear of the dark in my own home.  So for my own small children, I often do a guided meditation for them at bedtime.  Instead of me telling them, “Don’t be scared,” or, “There’s nothing to worry about,” the meditation allows them to compose their own imagery that provides them with some serenity in the darkness.  Here’s what I say:

Relax your muscles and body parts from head to toe, feeling heavy and completely supported by the bed.  Picture yourself lying down in a safe and beautiful place.  [My oldest likes to lie in a soft grassy field and my second usually lies someplace silly like on top of a giant block of cheese.]  Clear your mind of any thoughts.  If a thought, scary or otherwise, pops up, send it away on butterfly’s back and watch the butterfly flutter up, up, up until you can’t see it anymore.  Your thoughts and worries are flying up to God and God will protect you and keep your worries tonight.  Now imagine a beautiful light above your head.  It’s glowing bright but it doesn’t hurt your eyes.  It’s shining on you and filling your body with warmth and love.  Hold onto this feeling while you fall asleep and know that you are a beautiful and treasured part of the Universe.  You are loving and bright and kind.  Mommy and Daddy love you so much.  Now go to sleep and dream about your favorite things.

Sometimes I let them hold crystals while they meditate and they imagine the light to be the color of their crystal.  Rose quartz is a favorite with my girls because it’s pink, but it also helps to calm fears and encourages self love.  The kids have such vivid imaginations – when they meditate they really feel the desired experience.

It takes a few minutes to get through but it works every single solitary time.  Better than books, I think.  This meditation is just something I do and have been successful with it.

From mine to yours,


Originally written on Feb 28, 2011 for my blog Everything Old is New Age Again