help for little buddhas

by vanessagobes

One thing I especially love about Buddhism is its timeless relevance.  Regardless of what’s going on in the world, or in our lives, the practice provides opportunities for peace, acceptance, and growth.  When the practice is layered with coaching and ideas from modern sources, we can experience all sorts of what I call tiny shifts, or personal breakthroughs.

Our children are never too young to participate in breaking through, though for really young children one might consider it breaking in.  We parents are constantly searching for ways to encourage breakthroughs, with the intent of encouraging strong emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical foundations for our BUBs.  Another ingredient we might consider adding to our children’s collective foundational core is technology.  In a time when the internet and social media are woven into almost every part of daily living, creating their own unique layer in the human foundation, it’s important that we introduce our children to technology in a way that complements our families’ respective practices with meaning and balance.

Modern parents are terrifically positioned to help our children break into virtual life with dignity and purpose.  Helping us to do this is Janell Burley-Hofmann, parenting coach and tech consultant.  Janell is a mother of five, author of the upcoming book iRules, and blogger for Huffington Post whose iPhone contract issued to her 13 year old son went viral last winter, reaching parents from Cape Cod to Cape Town.  This Thursday night, October 17th at 7pm, she presents Slow Tech Parenting:  Raising Digital Families with Purpose.   If you are in the Boston area and are interested in adding a layer of modern inspiration to your mindfulness practice, please join me in attending her terrific presentation at Children’s Own School, 86 Main Street, Winchester, MA 01890.   Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online by clicking here:  SLOW TECH PARENTING.

Hope to see you there!

Janell Burley-Hofmann

Janell Burley-Hofmann

Proceeds will benefit Children’s Own School, a registered 501(c)3.  Tickets are tax-deductible.  Children’s Own is America’s oldest Montessori.  The historic school house is located  on Route 38 in Winchester, just past the Medford town line.  Plenty of street parking available.  

From mine to yours,