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Chrysalis Meditation Center is located upstairs at 28 Church Street in Winchester, Massachusetts, just 15 minutes north of Boston by car or train. Co-founded by Vanessa Gobes and Denise Costello, Chrysalis offers dozens of weekly drop-in classes and workshops that benefit mental health and raise vibrations. Sit daily with one of our 13 staff teachers or register for an upcoming workshop with any of our talented partners. Past and present topics include:

  • Understanding Attention (Dr. Thor Bergersen)
  • Mindful Healing (Lara Wilson)
  • Home in Harmony (Christa O’Leary MFT)
  • Intro to Aromatherapy (Karen Burzdak)
  • Savor: Clean Eating, Mindful Living (Denise Costello RN MS)
  • Past Life Exploration (Andree Cordella)
  • Reiki Certification (Alison Tibbetts RN MS RMT)
  • Koru Meditation for Teachers (Kate Harrington)
  • Pain Management Series / Tong Ren (Aimee Poirier LicAc, Dr. Julie Cappella, Christine Kensicki LCSW
  • Angel Card Reading (Mary D’Alba)
  • Recover Faster, Naturally (Dr. Maggie Shafiro)
  • Experiencing Menopause with Vitality (Dr. Keri Layton)
  • Mindful Writing Retreat (Lara Wilson)
  • Chakra 101 (Alison Tibbetts RN MS RMT)
  • Understanding Indigos (Andree Cordella)
  • A Mindful Start-up (Vanessa Gobes and Denise Costello RN MS)
  • Tibetan Bowl Chakra Reset (Brian Russo)
  • Intro to Ayurveda (Dr. Maggie Shafiro)

Children programming includes:

  • Worry Less, De-stress (Christine Kensicki, LCSW)
  • Brain Booster (Vanessa Gobes)
  • Ninja Training (Vanessa Gobes)

Open Group Drop-ins: 25 minutes for just $5

  • 9:15am and noon daily, Monday – Friday
  • 7pm, Mondays & Tuesdays
  • 3:15pm, Mondays (for children K-5)
  • 2:30pm, Wednesdays (for students 5-8)
  • 3:30pm, Thursdays (for teachers/school staff only)
  • 4pm, Sundays

Check online calendar for times and days at beginning August 2015.

Closed Group Sittings (for adults, for teens, or for kids)

Grab a few co-workers, friends, neighbors, or classmates and set a weekly time to meditate together. We’ll explore a different style of meditation each week. This is an awesome program. Sitting once a week helps you be accountable to your practice, explore different meditation styles, and explore awareness with a like-minded community. Seasonal commitment suggested (Sept-Dec, Jan-May).

Family Sittings

Meditating with your family is magic. Set aside one hour a week to practice peace and experience healing with your beloveds. One month commitment suggested. Prefer to be spontaneous? Drop in with your family at our Sunday 4pm class.

Private Sittings

One on one sittings are tailored for you and your needs. We will find the just-right style of meditating for you set you up with a stick-to-it plan. One month commitment suggested.

Mental Health Workshops

If you’re into whole-being health, you’ll want to sign up for all of these classes. From nutrition boot camps to mindfulness retreats to past life regression workshops, we’ve got you covered tip to toe. See list of topics above.