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this one goes out to the nobodies


I’m a house frau.  I live a relatively ordinary suburban life in New England.  Technically speaking, I’m a nobody.  My name has never been in lights, I have about 14 Twitter followers, I have a moderate talent for writing.  But I do have something that makes me very special.  God lives inside of me.  Yep.  Crazy, right?  I mean, I’m not religious.  I don’t even go to church.  I’ve never read The Old Testament or worn a yamaka and I don’t celebrate Ramadan.  But God still hangs out in my heart.  Who’d imagine He’d make time for a nobody like me?  But He does.  Somehow He remembers me.  Everyday He encourages me to be better, to try harder, to do the best I can with the time I have.

Like I said, I’m a writer.  I write about spiritual awakening.  I hope to share my experiences in hopes to inspire others to live more mindfully.  This is my contribution to world peace.  I’d like to grow my audience and my peaceful contribution, but that’s hard to do when you’re a nobody.  But I keep on posting blogs and mailing article submissions to Oprah and creating slightly embarrassing YouTube videos because I care.  Because I want to do my part.  Because if God is going to grace me with the opportunity to live a whole lifetime with His beautiful energy in my heart, I want to do my very best.

I have an affirmation card hanging on my refrigerator that says, “It’s happening.”  I love that card.  It’s powerful.  Every morning I pull out my Stoneyfield Farm Banilla yogurt and think, “Oh yah.  I’ve got to pull my load today because it’s happening.  Can’t let God down.  He knows that I know that He knows that I know.  Time to work.”

So I pick up my phone and reach out to people who know I’m a nobody and cross my fingers that these are the people God wants me to call.  I send emails and fumble around over-designed social media sites, strike up strike up overly-honest conversations after yoga class and take advice from my brilliant sister – all to create connections with the just-right people to help me on my mission.

Sometimes it works (ding ding ding!) and sometimes I’m rejected.  But the rejection doesn’t feel like failure to me.  Rejection isn’t personal.  It’s just a sign that I’m not ready for that experience yet or that I’m sniffing out the wrong lead.

I’m not afraid.  Nope.  No way.  I’m not afraid to try.  Trying is risky because buried inside of the word “try” is the word “fail”.  But also hidden in that word is “Congratulations!  You did it!  You passed!  Now jump back in the game and try something else – there’s a lot of work to do with your life and time’s a-ticking!”  This Nobody’s got her eyes trained on the latter.

are you good?

Dr. Wayne Dyer is such an awesome guy.  Last year, PBS aired his “Wishes Fulfilled” lecture.  Many of you may have seen this or have read his books, but I just wanted to share my favorite moment from his lecture…  his “I AM” statements.

Dr. Wayne tells us that sleep is the time that our minds marinate – and the last thoughts that pass through our minds on the the way to la-la land are the thoughts that we brew for the next 8 hours or so.  He urges us to keep those thoughts positive and affirming, so we soak in love while our minds take a break from the rat race.  He says we should fill the last five minutes of wakefulness with “I AM” statements.

I mentioned how I use these statements with my kids a few days ago on BUBs, but I also use them on myself.

I use these affirmations specifically at times when I feel unfocused or when I’m feeling unlovable and undeserving of goodness.  During that quiet time in bed when sometimes it feels like every problem I’ve ever had decides to surface and inflate, I remind myself, “I am loving.  I am loved.  I am light.  I am worthy.  I am good,” with confidence that the next day will bring new perspective.

And, of course, these affirmations work so beautifully with children, especially those who could use a little gentle reprogramming.  Most nights, as I tuck my kiddos into bed I send them to dreamland with a long list of “I AM” statements; it’s never too early to start practicing good habits.  Repeating after me, they affirm, “I am loving.  I am loved.  I am healthy.  I am well.  I am kind.  I am compassionate.  I am happy.  I am good.”  As I crept out the bedroom door one night, my oldest piped out, “Mommy, I feel weird.”  I looked at her and laughed and said, “I am normal.”  Turning on the night light and heading downstairs, I could hear her repeating, “I am normal.  I am normal.  I am normal…”  LOL.

From mine to yours,


(Adapted from my blog Everything Old is New Age Again posted 3.26.2012)