the way of the universe

Do you notice when the Universe offers you confirmation?  I do.  (Maybe sometimes I overdo.)

A few months ago, I started reading a book my friend loaned me – Opening the Door of Your Heart by Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm.  Each time I picked it up, I’d get distracted and pick up another book instead.  Finally, on Sunday night I peeled back the cover and several chapters in, I drifted off.

Late the next evening I wrote a story about learning to love myself and posted it on this blog, and then spent some time on Tuesday enjoying comments and feedback from friends and readers.  When I got into bed Tuesday night, I cracked open Ajahn Brahm’s book again and this is what I read:

“That’s what I mean by loving ourselves:  it’s called forgiveness.  It is stepping free from the prison of guilt; it is being at peace with oneself.  And if you do find the courage to say those words to yourself, honestly, in the privacy of your inner world, then you will rise up, not down, to meet sublime love.  One day, we all have to say to ourselves those words, or ones similar, with honesty, not playing games.  When we do , it is as if a part of ourselves that have been rejected, living outside in the cold for so long, has now come home.  We feel unified, whole, and free to be happy.  Only when we love ourselves in such a way can we know what it mean to really love another, no more and no less.

“And please remember you do not have to be perfect, without fault, to give yourself such love.  If you wait for perfection, it never arrives.  We must open the door of our heart to ourselves, whatever we have done.  Once inside, then we are perfect.”

Crazy, right?  I love the way the Universe works.

From mine to yours,


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p.p.s.  Here’s a link to one of Ajahn Brahm’s sermons in Australia.  Tons more on YouTube.  He is truly extraordinary…