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yes, thank you.


Today is the day, the day I say yes.

I say yes to dreams.

I say yes to inspiration.

I  say yes to joy,

yes to love,

yes to hard work,

yes to perfect health.

I say yes to risk

and yes to faith,

yes to full expression

and alignment

and pennies from heaven.

Today, I say Yes, I am that.

I say yes to God’s divine love and yes to my unmistakable connection to it.

Today, I say yes to it All.

Yes, yes, yes!

From  mine to yours,



I’m in the mood for a video post today, but just in case you’re at work and can’t press the play button, I’ve summed up in writing below…

Today I turn 37.  I wanted to stop for a moment and offer my gratitude for these many years of life and experience.  So often, when people give thanks it’s for the good things in life.  But today I’m feeling more grateful for the things that made me want to jump off a cliff.  And this is why…

I’m grateful for sweaty armpits, which tell me (and most likely others) I’ve worked hard.

Can I get an “amen” for long lines and traffic jams, indicators that families are gathering, that folks are going to work, that someone else is experiencing the same frustration as me, that we all have the freedom to travel long distances whenever the hell we want.

Feeling gratitude for PMS, as Eckhart Tolle taught us, every woman’s monthly opportunity to evolve by mindfully separating herself from the pain body that casts a shadow on her true personality.

Thank you crow’s feet and silver streaks of hair, proof that I am aging, a much more thrilling experience than the alternative.

Heartburn, diarrhea, hives, you are dearly appreciated.  You warn me when something’s wrong so I can get fixed up.

I’m grateful for spinach in my teeth, bats in the cave, poorly timed jokes, tampon strings hanging out of my bathing suit, all teaching me humility and reminding me and others of my humanness.

I’m so thankful for all the explosive arguments and screaming matches that I’ve had with my siblings, parents, spouse and children, because I know that even at my worst, they still love me.

I’m also thankful for doing so poorly at Bentley that I had to drop out and start fresh at a new college where I was able to graduate with honors with a degree I loved.

Feeling loads of gratitude for hot searing holy shit child birth, which not only showed me what I was made of, but also made way for tender loving motherhood.

Big thanks for landfills, for styrofoam, for disposable diapers and clear cut forests.  All bi-products of the destructive power of mankind and physical manifestations of our collective sleepy state which inspire us to WAKE UP!

I’m appreciative of confusion, loss and rock-bottom.  From these places, there is nowhere to go but up.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for blessing us with hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards and tsunamis.  The pain and devastation they cause not only provide us with opportunities to balance our karma, but also force us to look the worst of the worst right in the eye and say, “If I can survive this, I can survive anything.”  They open the door for us to accept help and encourage others to reach out and give of themselves in service.

I’m grateful for bordem, because when I’m bored, nothing’s really wrong.

I’m trying really hard to be grateful for war, for human beings to learn about love through its absolute and extreme opposite.  And I have faith that these truly painful lessons are actively evolving a soul as I live and breath.

I’m grateful for life.  For this messy, exhilarating, confusing, synchronized, monotonous, ever-changing, roller coaster of a life.

From mine to yours,


my first blogger award… aw, shucks!

What a treat to log in this morning and find this on my dashboard:

Warm gratitude to The [Ex-] Witch Next Door‘s author Hazel Harker for passing along this lovely virtual hug, The Beautiful Blogger Award.  Hazel, like so many of us, is evolving full time…  a mother and seeker, she experiences life, love and philosophy through a wide open mind and shares her wisdom candidly and honestly with us on her blogs.  A real gem.  You can read more of her musings on Love You, Love Me.

My job now is to share 7 things about me and pass this award along to others whose writings give me the warm-fuzzies.

1. I have had the Tab soda jingle stuck in my head since 1983. “Ooh eee ooh aah aah Tab tastes walla walla bing bang.” Sometimes I walk to the beat of it.

2. I love hot yoga because it makes me feel like Gumby. But not green. And not weird.

3. I have the fastest metabolism in the east. If digestion was an Olympic sport I’d win gold.  Move over Michael Phelps.

4. I like the smell of skunks. Is that totally gross?

5. I had a major crush on Gopher from The Loveboat when I was about 4 years old.

6. I elected to have natural childbirth with all three of my kids. Totally empowering! Roar!

7. I can burp really loud.

Strangely, this was my alternate “thing” to share – “When I was little I used to tell people I wanted to be a stripper when I grow up.”  Then I realized that the nature of blogging is very similar to stripping, therefore I may very well be achieving my lifelong dream (haha).  It’s just that instead of stripping my clothes and filling my undies with money, I’m stripping my ego and filling my heart with peace.   [Note:  I had no idea what a stripper was when I was a kid.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.]

Okay, blogs to nominate…

Loving Bytes by Jennifer Williams – a perfect blend of great writing, lessons in mindfulness and delicious recipes…  Yummmmmm.

Inner Mentor by Poppy and Anna – just came across this one recently and it made me smile.  Where fashion meets godliness.

DOA Konsult by Raunak Mahajan – a smart, thoughtful guy with big ideas, fearlessly covering the unmentionables: politics and religion (and more).

To the Soul by Blake Bergen – amazing amazing.  I love Blake’s portraits.  He photographs everyday people and through his lens, there is an opportunity to look through the gateway to the soul.  I am you, you are me feeling.  Love it.

Young American Wisdom by Nancy – holy crap, this woman is hilarious, a star on the rise.  Beauty is everywhere, most definitely in laughter and motherhood.

Words That Serve by Harula Ladd – peaceful, poetic, purposeful.  Harula just oozes good-spiritedness.

Living Livelier by Deb DePeter & Becky Tellefsen of Bryant Park Designs – two inspiring women who create beauty through interior design.  Always something interesting to read and pretty pictures to peruse.

Many thanks and much love from mine to yours!