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I look out my window and am thrilled by the unveiling of spring. Each day, a new display of color illuminates my yard, and my heart. Yesterday, it was the pear tree that lit me up. Its white blossoms burst like popcorn, the space between sparse branches giving way to hundreds of pink pastel teacups perching on the magnolia tree just beyond it. I’m excited to see what makes the earth happy today.

the revelations hidden in life lessons

Talking about revelation in today’s video blog – wisdom vs. knowledge, and how we can use mindful awareness while experiencing lessons to force revelation and make life a little easier. The main point being, if we can be mindful while the shtuff hits the fan, we have opportunity to shift trajectory in an empowering way. Better yet, through meditation and Self work, we can accelerate the learning process and spare ourselves of future pain and seemingly chronic dis-ease. Learn it today or live it tomorrow.

Healing is uncomfortable, especially in the first few weeks and months of effort.  This is why we call it Self *work*.  But hold tight, because eventually the pendulum will resume its steady tick-tock and wholesomeness will be the new normal.  I’m writing this to you AND to me!  Wish me luck with this whole eating transition!

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From mine to yours,